Julie Denner

History: Started in Travel in 1995 when I worked overseas, as a holiday rep in the summer, and a ski chalet host in the winters.  I became a travel agent in 1999 and am joining Travelworld in April 2018

Best Travel Experience: Hmm that is difficult.  I love all holidays and travelling.  Some of my favourites are Greece and Turkey for the  sunshine, hospitality and lovely beaches, France for the skiing in winter and Florida for the fun.  However my most memorable was probably a trip to New Zealand and Australia.  As well as the beautiful scenery and wildlife in New Zealand I also tried white water rafting, skied on a volcano and skydived over the bay of Islands.  I then went onto Australia and travelled from Sydney up to Cairns.  I had many adventures here too; I spent time on a cattle farm, sailed around the Whitsunday Islands and probably the highlight of all, learnt to dive on the Great barrier reef.  I have some fantastic memories, but also have a long list of places still on my wish list!

My ideal travel companion would be David Attenborough – there are not many places in the World he hasn’t been to and I think a trip with him would be amazing.

If I wasn’t doing this job I would run a cake shop, but only when they invent a calorie free recipe.